Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 153, June 28

The man who had lost to an upstart nation went on to become one of England's finiest military and government leaders.  He was named
Governor General of India and did much to bring reform to that country and make it, for many years, a shining jewel in the British Empire's crown.

After his years as Indian Governor General, Cornwallis was promoted to the rank of Marquess.  He was named Viceroy of Ireland, which was, at the time, in a state of rebellion.  While in Ireland, Cornwallis quieted things down and won the respect of many Irish leaders in addition to squelching an invasion attempt of Ireland by the French.

He then went to France, where he helped negotiate peace between England and France.  The age of 66, he was sent back to India, which was once more in chaos.  He died while struggling to untangle the turmoil there. 

The man who is best remembered for a crushing public defeat proved that there can still be personal victory.

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