Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 134, June 9

George Washington loaned the war effort great sums of money from his own pocket.  He served as commander-in-chief at no pay and received no salary as President during his two terms.  Yet he was accused of using the presidency to line his own pockets

He faced a civil war among his own countrymen, with riots in the streets over the newly levied whisky tax.  Congress wouldn't even give him an army to enforce the law.

Newspaper articles challenged him to "resign immediately."  "You are uterrly incapable to steer the political ship into the harbor of safey," one writer said.

When a Congressional committee met to draft a reply to Washington's farewell address, many members of Congress refuse to vote their thanks.  He was denounced at meetings, citizens mocked him on the streets.

However, after Washington left office, his enemies calmed down.  In practically no time, George Washington began to attain the stature he holds today as "the Father of our country."

At his death, citizens all over the new nation gathered to express their regret and sadness  Condolences were received from leaders of other countries.

Washington's last words were "I die hard."

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  1. Many of us revere him so much today that it's difficult to imagine that kind of short-sighted ingratitude. Difficult until we see how the true leaders of our day are frequently treated.