Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 144, June 19

When George Washington was only 14, he was a British subject and was proud of the fact.  His family had been loyal English subjects for more than 600 years.  Duirng the summer of his 14th year, an English man-of-war (ship) was anchored in the Potomac near the Washington plantation, Mount Vernon, in Virginia.

The giant war vessel, flying the famous Union Jack, stirred the advernturous spirit of the young boy.  He decided to join the British Navy and fight for England.

He had packed his sea chest, was ready to go, when his plans were derailed by a determined woman--his mother.  She hurried aborad the ship and took George by the collar.  She ordered him to get his sea chest and get back home, where he belonged.

An obedient son, he did as she commanded. 

The course of history could well have been changed if Mother Washington had not acted when she did.  (Takeaway here:  mothers know best.)

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