Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 147, June 22

King George III ruled England at the time of the Revoluionary War.  History books painted him as a villain, a tyrant.  The fact was, King George wasn't particularly villanious.  What he was was not very bright. 

Tutors said that he was eleven years old before he could read a word.  He never learned grammar or how to spell.  In between suffering periodic fits of insanity, he was reported to chase young ladies around the palace.  A German, he married a German princess, making the ruling monarchy 100% German.

George wasn't revered or even particularly liked by his people.  When traveling the streets of London in his carriage, he was stoned.  A barber's daughter once tried to stab him with a pair of scissors.  George might have been stupid, but he wasn't unkind.  He pardoned the young woman.

He took very little interest in national and foreign affairs.  He tended to listen to advisors who were shortsighted and used their palace influence for their own ends, rather than in strengthening the country.  Hence, the uprising in the Colonies receievd little attention from the Crown.

Eventually George III became totally insane and went blind.  He spent his last days roaming the halls of the castle playing his harpsichord. 

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