Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 133, June 8

President Washington's personal life did not escape criticism either.  One member of Congress said he didn't like the way Washington bowed at parties.

Washington answered:  "I bow as good as I know how.  If my bows are not the right kind, blame my boyhood dancing teacher."

At that time, the nation's capitol was located in Philadelphia.  The social elite of the city gave a birthday party for the president shortly after he took office.  Bedlam broke loose.  The papers accused him of being a "royal snob" ... "a man who dreamed of becoming king." 

Washington could not escape the unrelenting criticism even when he took to the road.  If he reached a small town or hamlet and refused to make a speech, his enemies (and there were many) said he was acting like a king.  If he did make a speech, he was said to be "playing politics."

Newspapers called him "a crocodile," "a hyena," and, the worst of all insults, "pro British." 

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