Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 89, April 25

Over the past 80 plus years, critics have frequently confused Hoover's policies with those of Coolidge and complain that Coolidge did nothing to prevent the Great Depression. 

A dispassionate review of history refutes this.  The Great Depression was as long as it was in duration because the government under both Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt, unlike that under Coolidge, chose to "play God," manipulating prices, setting up "make work" policies, and taking other artificial measures. 

Coolidge, Silent Cal, deserves credit for his courage and integrity.

I have, perhaps, belabored this portion of American history.  This is due, in part, to my own lack of knowledge about Calvin Coolidge, which I was glad to remedy, and in acknowledgment of his efforts to put America on the right track.  That we have strayed so far from his dedication to fiscal responsibility is an indictment of today's leaders and their policies.

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  1. It's a typical tact to blame the guy who actually did something to help. Politics is a dirty game best played by pigs.