Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 16, February 10

Names of the six heroes, men cited by Congress for their gallantry, were carved upon the monument.  The monument is a tribute to the men who so bravely faced down the Islamists fundmanetalists.

A Tripolitan observer of the time was quoted as saying: “The English, French, and Spanish Consuls have told us that they [the Americans] were a young nation, and got their independence by means of France; that they had a small navy and their officers were inexperi­enced, and they were merely a nation of merchants, and that by taking their ships and men, we should get great ransoms. Instead of this, their Preble pays us a coin of shot, shells, and hard blows; and sent a Decatur, in a dark night with a band of Christian dogs fierce and cruel as the tiger, who killed our brothers and burnt our ships before our eyes.”

Many people, military and civilian, believe that the monument should be placed in front of Congress as a reminder of the true nature of the enemy America faces today.  This seems unlikely until we stop placing politics and polictical correctness above principles and freedom.

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