Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 13, February 7

While in Algeirs, Cervantes suffered five years of horrific treament under his Islamist masters.  He tried to escape four times.  Prior to his ransom finally being paid, Cervantes was bound from head to foot in chains and left that way for five months.  He suffered terribly.  The experience provided much of what he used in writing "The Captive's Tale" in DON QUIXOTE  Prisoners like Cervantes, who worked in the homes and businessness of their masters, picked up interesting bits of information.

 Jefferson tasked himself to not only read but to understand the Koran and DON QUIXOTE.  He felt that understanding the Koran and Cervantes's work was key in defeating the Islamist threat.

Muslims believe that the Koran is complete and unchangeable. To suggest otherwise is consdiered blasphemy and an attack on Islam. However, nearly a fifth of the Koran is filled with contradictions and passages that don't make sense. Part of the confusion arises from the fact that the Koran isn't organized chronologically. It is organized from the longest chapters, or suras, to the shortest. The peaceful verses from the beginning of Islam can be found throughout the book. However, the violent verses take precedence due to abrogation.

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