Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 157, July 2

More about the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Charles Carroll lived to 90 and died in 1832.  His life spanned the years between Colonial America and the age of engines.  He helped lay the cornerstone of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  Thomas Lynch, Jr, who was only 27 when he signed the Declaration, disappeared three years later with his wife during a voyage to the West Indies.

Who were these men?  They came from every profession.  Twenty-four were lawyers, 14 were farmers.  Four doctors, nine merchants, and one minister were also included.  Many were born overseas, in Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. 

During the War, each signer was offered immunity by England if they would deny the right to rebel against tyranny.  None accepted.  Not one man who signed the Declaration of Independence renounced his decision on freedom.  What a refreshing contrast from so many of today's current leaders who defame America in lies, betrayal, and treason.

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