Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 139, August 8

Did you know that a pig almost started a war between the United States and England.

In 1859, on the island of San Juan, loacted in Friday harbor, just south off the coast of the state of Washington, a pib belonging to the Hudson Bay coCompany rooted in a potato patch owned by Lyman Cutler.

Farmer Cutler shot the offending pig.  This enraged England, which claimed the pig belonged to the British Empire.  The English made protests to Washington (DC) through their diplomat.

The situation intensified that 400 American soldiers and 15 cannons were sent to the island.  The English retaliated by sending 2,140 British soldiers, 167 guns, and five warships to San Juan.

Though lined up against each other, the soldiers did not fire.  The only casualty of the "Pig War" was the poor pig.

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