Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 101, May 7

As a Buffalo Soldier, Sergeant Henry Parker, and the U.S. army were a part of the Plains Indian's nightmare. As an American soldier, he served his country under the worst of conditions, showing the courage and bravery that has been the tradition of all fighting men, no matter their cause, no matter their sacrifice.

 It should be noted that Regimental returns show that the Buffalo Soldiers were not involved in Indian massacres, though they were camped near the sites of two incidents and assisted those who survived. The Buffalo Soldiers did not mistreat the Indians and were not responsible for their removal from reservations.

After escaping from his slavemaster in Apton Valley, Kentucky, Parker joined the 101st Regiment United States Colored Infantry, at 18 years of age. He served three years as a private in the Civil War. Parker saw action at White's Ranch, Boyd's Station and Stevenson's Gap, and at Scottsborough and Larkinsville, Alabama.

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