Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 14, February 8

In 16th century Algeirs, the Muslims used educated slaves like Cervantes as amanusenes to pefrom a varietiy of tasks, from transcribing documents to accounting.  In the home of one of the city's religious leaders, Cervantes first learned that last revelation of the Prophet Mohammed 's life has ben deliberately omitted from the KORAN.

Jefferson felt it imperative to find out what this revelation was, especially when he learned that Mohammed was murdered.  Jefferson believed that the prophet was poisoned by one of his apostles. 

How did Jefferson discover this?  He had a network of itnernational contacts and friends in academic, diplomatic, and even espionage circles.  In addition, the European monastic orders charged with ransoming prisoners from the Barbary States provided information.

These monastic orders kept exceptional records.  They interviewed and debriefed all of the prisoners they ransomed and recorded the accounts of their imprisonment verbatim.  Many of these orders had representatives headquartered in France.  Through them, Jefferson hac access to hundreds of archives describing what the prisoners did during their years of captivity, as well as what they say and overheard. 

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